February 2021

Herbal Tinkerer coming to Brooks & Stain

Wednesday 10 February, 6.00-8.45pm


Drinking tea as therapy has been done for almost 5,000 years and is a ritual from China, to Japan and the UK (our afternoon tea experience)

With our modern busy lives, not to mention world upheaval recently, there has never been a better time to embrace nourishing herbal infusions to support us. To literally de-stress us.

Tea blends are known to help with depression, anxiety, bloating, IBS, stomach cramping, indigestion, PMS flushes and many more disorders but what we’ll focus on in this event is increasing our vitality by making a “de-stress” blend… and we’ll gift you a supply of the “Vitality” blend to take home!

Our educator for the evening is Amir Kamkar from Herbal Tea & Tonics. He calls himself the Herbal Tinkerer and he is a 7th generation herbalist. Whilst he’s done other things in his life – including coming to Australia from Iran as a telecommunications engineer – he’s really been around herbs his whole life. As a child he would pick the herbal flowers for his mother.

Whilst respecting thousands of years of history, Amir has a modern approach to tea therapy so that we may embrace the concepts and easily incorporate them into our 2021 lifestyle.

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A Jo Hassan PEPP Experience

Crazy cupcakes - yum
Giant Jam Drops
Welcome to Brooks and Stain
Rum balls - the real thing
Almond milk poached chicken & haloumi
Honey Lemon Cold Brew Tonic
Dirty Vodka Martini - Jenny's fav
A new dish - will it make the cut
Welcome, flat white anyone?
Anzac Biscuits - Ollie's fav

    We're all going on a summer holiday


  • We are finally having a holiday, closing up shop and running away to
    the Coast for an entire week


  • Brooks and Stain will be closed from 1-7 February 2021

                                                     We are grateful to our lovely customers and community for all the                                                      support during our first two years of trading

                                                  (especially the difficult covid period and shut downs)

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